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Little Marie's Life in Jamaica is a nonfiction story about a little girl name Marie. Marie was born in St Thomas US Virgin Island and moved to her mother’s home country of Jamaica West Indies with her mother when she was a baby, to live with their family there. In Jamaica, Marie has many experiences with her large extended family. Marie lived and attended school in the Capital of Kingston. They lived in a large family house with her grandparents the Hayre's, some of her aunts and uncles. In school Marie enjoyed playing popular Jamaican children's' games at recess and visiting the beach with her Mom and aunt Sherine.

Marie loved visiting her other grandparents the Minott's in the country on their family farm. Marie enjoyed feeding the animals, cooking with her grandma Minott and going swimming at a nearby river with her aunt Honey.

Little Marie's Life is Jamaica gives an insight into some Jamaican food, their culture and Marie's large extended family dynamics.

Number of pages: 28

Dimension: 8x.07x10 inches

Weight: 4 ounces

Little Marie’s Life in Jamaica

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