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Olivia Parks-May

Founder & CEO

Olivia Parks-May is a wife to her husband Christopher and mother to four children Daniella, Christopher, Gabriel, and Israel. She obtained college and University degrees from the University of Phoenix: Bachelor of Science in Business Information System, Rochester College: Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Concordia University: Master of Science in Education Administration. She taught for approximately 20 years. She later shifted her focus from being a teacher to being an education administrator. Olivia Parks-May have always been a book lover and reading provided her the space to dream and to travel to places through the eyes of the authors of the books she enjoyed reading. She dreamed that one day she would write a book of her own and become an author. During the Corona Virus pandemic in 2021 she decided to finally take the leap and start the process of writing this nonfiction book: Little Marie's Life in Jamaica. The journey of writing this book was a complete joy, given the fact that the book is based on her life in Jamaica when she was a child and stirred up sweet memories. Little Marie's Life in Jamaica is both intriguing and colorful: It is her hope that this book will bring joy to the children who will either read or have this book read to them. She encourages children everywhere to read as much and as often as possible. Happy reading!


Olivia Parks-May
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